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Forest Lake 12UB Stormed off with 1st place at the Minneapolis Winter Storm Tournament

By Katie Rivard, 01/26/20, 3:00PM CST


Saturday Morning:

Forest Lake 12UB faced Lakeville 12UB Black and FL had #42 Kiera Peek in net.  

1st Period- Lakeville got a goal 2 minutes into the game.   With 0:01 seconds left of the 1st period FL #25 Hailey Kensy got an elbowing penalty.  Period 1 ended FL 0 - LV 1.

2nd Period- FL #92 Alivia Haley scored an unassisted goal, tying up the game. With 2:55 left in the period FL #66 Madeline Leroux got a checking penalty.  Lakeville followed shortly after getting a goal.  Period 2 ended FL 1 - LV 2.

3rd Period- With 4 minutes left of game regulation FL #27 Audrey Haanpaa got a goal assisted by FL #10 Kalissa Kline and FL #92 Alivia Haley, tying the game up again.  Period 3 ended FL 2 - LV 2.

Per Tournament rules there was no extra period for ties (for Friday or Saturday games.)  It went straight into a shootout.  

Lakeville started out the shootout and FL #42 Kiera Peek blocked the shot. FL #27 Audrey Haanpaa was up for FL and she scored.  Lakeville went to shoot again and FL #42 Kiera Peek blocked the shot again.  Up next for FL was #18 Leyna "Bob" Halvorson and she scored.  

The Forest Lake 12UB Rangers ended up winning 3-2.



Saturday Night:

Forest Lake 12UB faced Elk River 12UB and FL started with #12 Jayden Laskow in net.  

1st Period- ER started the game off with a tripping penalty and when they went full strength they scored.  FL #88 Annamaris Studier followed shortly after with an unassisted goal, tying up the game.  Period 1 ended FL 1 - ER 1.

2nd Period- ER had an interference penalty.  Period 2 ended FL 1 - ER 1.

3rd Period- Was very exciting.  FL #92 Alivia Haley got a hooking penalty 1 minute into the period.  ER then scored 2:55 into the period.  Then FL #7 Isabella Eberhardt got a roughing penalty along with ER, for an offsetting penalty.   ER then got another penalty.  FL #27 Audrey Haanpaa got a goal assisted by FL #5 Lillian Houle.   FL #12 Jayden Laskow ended up getting a hand injury taking her out of the game.   FL had #42 Kiera Peek put in as goalie.   FL #88 Annamaris Studier got a checking penalty and 0.12 seconds later ER scored.  FL followed 2 minutes later with a goal by FL #92 Alivia Haley assisted by FL #5 Lillian Houle, to tie it up with 2 minutes left of the game.  Period 3 ended FL 3 - ER 3.

Per Tournament rules again, there was no extra period for ties and it went straight into a shootout.

FL #5 Lillian Houle started off the shootout and scored.  ER then shot and was blocked by #42 Kiera Peek.  FL #88 Annamaris Studier was next and was not able to get the puck in.  ER was up and scored.  FL #66 Madeline Leroux shot and scored.  ER was they last to go and the shot was blocked by #42 Kiera Peek.

The FL Rangers ended up winning 4-3.


Sunday Afternoon:

Forest Lake 12UB faced Centennial 12UB and FL had #42 Kiera Peek in net for the Championship game.

1st Period- Was a battle and FL #27 Audrey Haanpaa got a goal assisted by FL #18 Leyna "Bob" Halvorson with 8 seconds left of the period.  Period 1 ended FL 1 - Cen 0.

2nd Period- FL #92 Alivia Haley got a goal assisted by FL #18 Leyna "Bob" Halvorson.  Period 2 ended FL 2 - Cen 0.

3rd Period- Centennial came in wanting to fight back.  They scored 1 minute into the period and followed by another goal with 4 minutes left of the game, tying the game up.  Then with 2:22 left FL #7 Isabella Eberhardt scored assisted by #10 Kalissa Kline to win the game. Period 3 ended FL 3 - Cen  2.

What a great weekend.  Our FL 12UB team went in and gave it all they could!  Congratulations girls for a well deserved 1st place!