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Squirt B1 Wins OMGHA Squirt Extravaganza!

By Erika Siverhus, 12/30/19, 9:45AM CST


Forest Lake Squirt B1 brings home the Championship at the OMGHA Squirt Extravaganza! 

Game 1 was against undefeated Chaska-Chanhassen. Rangers battled and won that game 5-1. Goals were scored by Kellen Melberg, 2 by Colton Stang, Brixton Kraft, and Brody Meister. Assists by Owen Siverhus, Levi Daley, Brody Meister and 2 assists by Kellen Melberg. 

Game 2 was against the home team OMG Gold and ended in another win for the Rangers with a score of 3-1. Those goals were scored by Max Meister, Brody Meister, and Derrick Loomis, assists by Brixton Kraft, Jack Pavlas, and Kellen Melberg.

Game 3 was vs. Elk River and ended in another win for the Rangers with the score of 2-0. 1st goal scored by Kellen Melberg assisted by Max Meister and 2nd goal scored by Brody Meister assisted by Colton Stang. Great job to goalie Gage Winkler on the shut out! 

Game 4 was vs. the home town OMG White.  Rangers pulled off another win and won with a score of 8-3. Those goals were scored by Leo Schipper, Brixton Kraft, Kellen Melberg, Blake Langer, Brody Meister, and a hat trick by Colton Stang! Assists by Levi Daley, Colton Stang, Blake Langer, Max Meister, and Owen Siverhus. 

Game 5 ended up being a rematch against Chaska-Chanhassen for the championship. They came hungry for revenge! 1st period ended 0-0. 2nd period Derrick Loomis shot one of his notorious power shots and Brody Meister was there and ready for the rebound with 0.8 seconds left in the period making it 1-0! The entire 3rd period the Rangers were able to hold that score even after CC pulled their goalie in hopes of scoring with 6 skaters. NOPE! Between the strong goalie Gage Winkler and the Championship on the minds of the Rangers they won the game with a score of 1-0. 

Way to go Rangers! They received complements from other teams on how they play as a team and are fun to watch! Great representation of Forest Lake.